What Our Clients Are Saying

"I first met Joanne in a peer situation, but quickly embraced her as so much more.  When I was looking for a thought partner to aid me in my next career evolution, she proved to be the perfect coach. She inspired me to think bigger, be clearer, and push harder.  I ended up in the perfect place for me - and she was a major factor in helping me to get there.  She's just fantastic."

- Christina Luconi

Chief People Officer, Rapid7

"I would recommend Joanne Derr to any leader or organization seeking coaching, leadership development, or leadership team building . Joanne is a highly skilled coach and team facilitator. She utilizes a wonderful combination of powerful tools, strong personal coaching and facilitation skills, and very practical advice and encouragement."

- Jerry Rubin
President and CEO, Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) Boston

"When I started looking into leadership positions, I realized that successfully navigating the interviews and beyond would require learning a distinct set of skills and language.  Joanne was an outstanding coach throughout the process.  She helped me to sharpen my communication skills and taught me about executive presence.  With her help, I received offers from competitive institutions.  Being an effective leader also requires significant introspection and diplomacy, and she has helped me tremendously as I begin my new role.  I give Joanne my highest recommendation"

                                                                                                                                                          - Michael Lim, M.D.

Chair of Neurosurgery, Stanford University School of Medicine

"Joanne is the ultimate coach. She consistently pushed me outside my comfort zone in strategic ways that were immediately beneficial to me a senior leader of an international non-profit.  I sought out Joanne's help during a particularly difficult period of restructuring, and hired her, in part, due to her unique experience in HR, non-profit leadership, and senior management.  Throughout our multi-year engagement, Joanne mentored me through a series of difficult challenges and exciting opportunities, including a formidable organizational restructuring that required the buy-in of many different stakeholders. By working with Joanne on executive presence, leadership, and communication skills, I was able to apply new techniques to my leadership style and successfully navigate the restructuring of the organization not only on schedule, but with the strong support of my Board, leadership team, employees, and other partners. The best leaders are those that seek to improve their own leadership skills. Joanne has been the perfect partner on this very personal and professional journey. I highly recommend Joanne to any serious senior leader seeking to reach the next level of their career".

                                                                                                                                                                                      -Tom Mason

                                                                                            Executive Director, ALEXX Foundation

"Joanne has made me a better leader which is great, but what is far more important is that she has helped me become a happier and more fulfilled person. Our sessions have been supportive but challenging and helped me unlock some of the behavioral changes that I needed to make. I am a better leader thanks to Joanne and I would jump at the chance to work with her again.

 -Duncan Wiley

VP, Utility Company

 "The team feels healthier, more connected, and is working better together. Switching the format from an in-person to a global leadership retreat was incredibly effective. The result was even better than I had expected”.

                                                       - Kelly Sia, SVP and CFO, Iron Mountain, following a virtual offsite during COVID-19

"I have, and will continue to recommend Joanne to everyone who asks and listens. I believe she had positive impact toward changing my life in ways I didn't know possible, and I think anyone who is willing to do the work and follow her lead will be the luckiest of people!"

- Customer Service Manager

"Oh my god, that woman is phenomenal! She is extremely good at what she does. She has the ability to get really close, but very subtly so you don't feel like she's gone in too far. Maybe it's her counseling background...My insides are all stirred up."

- Corporate Fundraiser


With over 25 years of executive and business experience coupled with a foundation in counseling and education, Joanne has a deep understanding of corporate culture, strategy, and operations allowing her to work with leaders and their teams, and to naturally link clients’ coaching goals with business success. 

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Joanne works with C-Suite executives in Fortune 100 corporations, and directors and other professionals in smaller businesses and not-for-profits. She’s versatile in a wide range of industries including:

  • Computer Software and Services

  • Biotech and  Pharma

  • Universities and  Research

  • Healthcare

  • Telecommunications and Energy

  • Not-for-Profit Organizations


  • Iron Mountain

  • National Grid

  • Ginko Bioworks

  • Tiburio Theraputics

  • Toast 

  • Oxfam America 

  • Jewish Vocational Services

  • ALEXX Foundation

  • City of Chelsea

  • Babson College

  • Atrium Health

  • Johns Hopkins Medicine

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