Frequently Asked Questions

What's effective about coaching?

Coaching is a powerful and collaborative process between you and your coach that helps you learn about and understand your behavior, your natural strengths and capabilities, what gets in your way, and how to move forward with a clear plan of action so that you can be an even more powerful leader and build great teams. A coach is an objective and invested partner who walks with you through this process while you practice new skills, critical during challenging times or when you want or need to build new skills as a leader.

Who typically brings in Executive Coaching?

  • CEO's and heads of HR working with leaders who need to make positive changes at work.
  • Executives transitioning to new roles, promoted or joining a new company.
  • Professional women and men who want to be even more successful, advancing in their careers or taking on more or something different.

How does Executive Coaching with Joanne work?

Joanne’s collaborative and results-oriented style supports her clients to create measurable, noticeable, and lasting change and success. Her clients have been promoted into vice president and C-suite roles, turned around challenging relationships, and embarked on entirely new careers.

She works effectively to on-board new leaders to improve time to productivity, develop high potential leaders who achieve their next level career goals, and manage 360° feedback processes so that executives and team members become aware of their strengths and areas of development.

What is a coaching session like?

Awareness, Understanding, and then Action are the 3 Phases to Joanne’s signature coaching framework. Along with a variety of assessments, you'll first become aware of your strengths and obstacles to changing your desired behaviors, and then come to understand why and how those behaviors have impacted others and has served you well as a leader. Only then do you move to action, defining specific skills and behaviors that that you want to learn or change through coaching.

Clients report that by working with Joanne they set higher goals, create momentum, transform old ways of thinking and acting, and achieve satisfaction and confidence that they hadn’t thought possible.

Why work with Joanne?

People hire Joanne for who she is. Clients report a coaching experience that is exciting, powerful, honest, humorous, authentic, eye-opening, and action oriented that changes behavior and moves them forward to achieve more than they expected.

Does Joanne work with new leaders?

Yes, Joanne is passionate about helping new executives create and fully utilize their onboarding plans. Through her affiliation with Genesis, co-created by Michael Watkins (author of The First 90 Days), she also works with companies at scale to bring “onboarding to all”.

How can I determine if Executive Coaching is right for me or my team?

The first 30-minute session is complimentary so you and Joanne can decide if you’re a good match for each other. Following that, depending on your situation, your goals, and your sponsoring company, you and Joanne generally meet twice a month for at least 6 months with unlimited email in between. Sessions are held by phone, Zoom, or in person. Fees are determined before you start working together.

How long does it take to see results?

You'll see positive results almost immediately because coaching is goal-focused and action oriented. Sometimes people call Joanne for a complimentary consultation and make behavior shifts even before the first session! That demonstrates the power of simply deciding to take positive action. For most people, coaching results will become evident in your work and personal life within about 4 months.

Is coaching confidential?

Absolutely. The working relationship you build must be based on knowing that Joanne is completely trustworthy. What's said in coaching, stays in coaching. Period.

Is coaching like therapy?

They are different. Therapy focuses on the past and on emotional issues to help you understand yourself better. Coaching focuses on your present situation, on understanding what you can do right now to create the future you want.

Many of Joanne’s clients have worked with a therapist in the past, or currently do. She supports anything you do to become aware of yourself and your strengths, and to understand what issues block you from having the success you really want.


With over 25 years of executive and business experience coupled with a foundation in counseling and education, Joanne has a deep understanding of corporate culture, strategy, and operations allowing her to work with leaders and their teams, and to naturally link clients’ coaching goals with business success. 

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Joanne works with C-Suite executives in Fortune 100 corporations, and directors and other professionals in smaller businesses and not-for-profits. She’s versatile in a wide range of industries including:

  • Biotech and  Pharma

  • Universities and  Research

  • Healthcare

  • Not-for-Profit Organizations

  • Telecommunications and Energy

  • Computer Software and Services


  • Ginko Bioworks

  • Tiburio Theraputics

  • Atrium Health

  • Iohns Hopkins Medicine

  • Iron Mountain

  • ALEXX Foundation

  • City of Chelsea

  • Babson College

  • Toast

  • Oxfam America 

  • Jewish Vocational Services

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