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Executive Coaching

About Executive Coaching

Let’s be honest. There are few places where you can step back and reflect on the range of issues you face as an executive. To do this with colleagues is difficult, and executives who choose not to share their concerns with families or friends generally keep issues to themselves for months or even years. Executive coaching offers you the opportunity, in a safe and confidential environment, to have a strategic partner and independent sounding board to help you proactively assess yourself, develop and practice new skills, and accelerate your own and your teams’ performance.

Leaders hire Joanne as an executive coach to:

  • Think and act more strategically

  • Increase time to productivity in a new role (OnBoarding)

  • Change personal behaviors and patterns that no longer serve you

  • Increase your leadership presence

  • Become ready for your next executive role

  • Improve your teams’ performance

  • Ensure success for your high potential leaders and successors

Awareness, Understanding, and then Action

Awareness, Understanding, and then Action are the 3 Phases to Joanne’s signature coaching framework.  Using a variety of assessments, you'll first becomes aware of your strengths and obstacles to changing your desired behaviors, and then come to understand why and how those behaviors have impacted others and has served you well as a leader. Only then do we move to action, defining specific skills and behaviors that that you want to learn or change through coaching.


Get started utilizing this proven framework

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