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Building Teams

About Building Teams

Executives and boards call upon Joanne to build their executive teams. She designs retreats and workshops that are interactive and engaging, with content that is connected to a business purpose and a result. Starting with a conversation with you as leader, you’ll identify what project or process to work on in the retreat so that you build team skills and deliver results together.


Joanne’s offerings include:

  • 360° feedback for leadership teams

  • Onboarding new leaders

  • Coaching skills for leaders

  • Building trust and improving communications

  • Leading through change

  • Offering powerful feedback and “feedforward”

  • Crystalizing your vision, building your mission


Leadership Assessments

Choosing a leadership assessment tool that your leaders will embrace, Joanne works with teams who want to increase trust and understanding of each other’s similarities and differences, then learn and practice how to have healthy conflict, make decisions together, hold each other accountable for their work and behaviors, and get results together as a team. Peer coaching and individual coaching often follow a retreat as a way to continue practicing new skills and behaviors together.


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