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Assessments can help you gain awareness and understanding about your leadership strengths and preferred styles of communication, conflict and decision making. With that clarity you can then focus on the most powerful opportunities for development. Some of the assessments that Joanne uses with executives and with teams are standardized and some are personally developed and revised through many years of experience.

Leadership Assessments and Applications for Teams Include:

  • Verbal 360
    Participating in a 360° Feedback Assessment (“360”) is a powerful and safe way for you to obtain rich and varied feedback of your leadership strengths and areas for development. Working closely with Joanne you craft unique custom questions, craft your communication plan, and choose managers, colleagues, direct reports, and customers/board members for Joanne to interview. The result is a comprehensive written summary report seen only by you. Debriefing over several sessions, the Verbal 360 is a powerful experience and a foundation for becoming aware of and understanding the leadership capabilities you want to reinforce, and the skills you will want to learn and master during the coaching process.
  • The Bates Executive Presence Indicator (ExPI)
    The Bates ExPI™ multi-rater assessment provides you as an executive or high-potential leader with an in-depth analysis of your ability to influence business outcomes. The assessment is a powerful foundational tool for coaching and for your development plan. Bates ExPI™ feedback helps you as a leader build the presence and influence necessary for mobilizing teams, driving strategy, and making an impact. Organizations use the tool to develop current and future leaders and to guide strong succession plans. The Bates ExPI™ focuses on the 3 dimensions of executive presence outlined by the Bates model - Character, Substance, and Style. Individual rating scales measure 15 distinct facets proven by research to be directly related to a leader’s ability to influence. Perceptions of your important stakeholders - peers, direct reports, and managers - are compared with your self-perceptions in order to identify your strengths, needs, and gaps. Once the results are tabulated, you receives an indepth ExPI™ Feedback Report and User Guide. Joanne provides you an individualized orientation and feedback session to discuss and interpret themes. Through this process, you develop a strong conceptual understanding of what Executive Presence is, learn how to leverage your individual strengths, and gain insight into how to improve in critical areas that will drive your success.
  • Center for Creative Leadership’s Benchmarks suite of 360-degree feedback
    CCL’s research-based 360 tools generate a personal and rich quantitative and qualitative report. Benchmarks measures competencies critical for your success and possible “derailers” to help you analyze what behaviors others see, providing you with a solid leadership competency assessment which you debrief with Joanne. For organizations and teams, this 360 helps create a common leadership language and consistent feedback process at multiple levels of your organization.
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    An introspective questionnaire where you report and self-verify your preferences and use the results to gain insight into how you direct and receive energy, take in information, make decisions and approach the outside world. Debriefing with this tool helps enhance your understanding of yourself, your motivations, your natural strengths, and your potential areas for growth. The MBTI or TypeCoach is a core part of a coaching program.
  • TypeCoach (Myers Briggs)
    The next evolution of type verification, TypeCoach is an interactive method of identifying and verifying your personality preferences, assessing how you direct and receive energy, take in information, make decisions and approach the outside world. This tool provides access to online coaching videos and custom modules to delve into your type and of those with whom you work and live, making it easy to remember and to use.
  • StrengthsFinder (CliftonStrengths by Gallup)
    A powerful online assessment that helps you identify, understand and maximize your strengths. When you understand and apply your strengths, the effect on your life and work can be transformational. Joanne often uses StrengthFinder with teams connecting the organization's vision, mission, values or strategic plan to the strenghts of the team. The result is for the entire team to more deeply understand their own and each other’s strengths, build deeper connections, and increase the potential of the leadership team to achieve exceptional buiness outcomes.
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Type Indicator (TKI)
    A research-backed self-assessment that determines how you tend to respond to conflict and what other conflict-handling options are available to you. Used for new and established teams to help members understand each other’s conflict styles, identify potential challenges, and set goals for how you could handle conflict more effectively as a group.
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