Assessments can help you gain awareness and understanding about your leadership strengths and preferred styles of communication, conflict and decision making. With that clarity you can then focus on the most powerful opportunities for development. Some of the assessments that Joanne uses with executives and with teams are standardized and some are personally developed and revised through many years of experience.

Leadership Assessments and Applications for Teams Include:


With 25 years of executive and business experience coupled with a foundation in counseling and education, Joanne has a deep understanding of corporate culture, strategy, and operations allowing her to work with leaders and their teams, and to naturally link clients’ coaching goals with business success. 

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Joanne works with C-Suite executives in Fortune 100 corporations, and directors and other professionals in smaller businesses and not-for-profits. She’s versatile in a wide range of industries including:

  • Computer Software and Services

  • Biotech and  Pharma

  • Universities and  Research

  • Healthcare

  • Telecommunications and Energy

  • Not-for-Profit Organizations


  • Iron Mountain

  • National Grid

  • Ginko Bioworks

  • Tiburio Theraputics

  • Toast 

  • Oxfam America 

  • Jewish Vocational Services

  • ALEXX Foundation

  • City of Chelsea

  • Babson College

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